Rhapsody. 1961. Ms

Concerto for Twelve Solo Instruments and Orchestra. 1965 (Toronto 1968). Kerby (Caveat) 1974/B&H

Shadows I: Nekuia. 1971 (East Lansing, Michigan, 1971). Orch. (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Spectra for Four Chamber Groups. 1968 (Toronto 1969). Ricordi 1973

Spiral. 1975. Med orch. (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Berceuse (For those who sleep before us). 1992. Flute, orch (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra (Shadows V). 1999 (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Concerto for Flute Orchestra. 2009. 1. Tsunami 2. Solesmes (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Ensemble and Solo

Suite. 1960. Vn, piano. Ms

Quartet. 1961. Fl, oboe, viola, double-bass. Ms

Kebyar. 1971. Fl, clarinet, trombone, 2 double-bass. Editions Salabert 1973

Shadows II: Lalitá. 1973. Fl, 3 violoncello, 2 percussion, 2 harp. Editions Salabert 1976. NMC-001 (CD) (NMC)

Shadows III: Nira. 1974-6. Vn, fl, oboe, viola, cb, piano, harpsichord. (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Icicle. 1977. Solo fl. Edn musicales transatlantiques 1978.

Plainsong. 1977. Solo fl. Universal 1980.

Folia. 1981. Fl, oboe, clarinet, horn, bsn. (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Monodie (K. Aitken). 1983. SATB, fl. (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Shadows IV: My Song. 1994. 2 flutes, ensemble (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)

Wedding Song. 1999. 2 flutes (Peer Musik Verlag GMBH)